Weekly Roundup May 14th

First up on Wednesday a group of 7 Juveniles took part in the final day of the Athletics Wicklow Track and Field Championships in Greystones. Well done to Ben, Beth, Eoghan, Ethan H, Layla, Oskar & Tristan who all put in amazing performances across the different distances and events!

Saturday morning saw Oliver (22:02), Layla (22:42), Gail (27:21), Ella (28:12), Susan (28:54), Esme (29:53), Geraldine (30:29) while Carmel was on the Volunteer roster. Gareth (30:21) travelled to the Nonsuch parkun in London.

Slawek and Imogen took on Barry & John’s Backyard Ultra on Saturday. The format requires each runner to complete a 4.1 mile loop every hour and be ready on the start line to begin the next loop. The event continues until there is one runner remaining. Huge well done to Slawek for completing 11 loops (45 miles) and to Imogen who clocked up 18 loops (73 miles). This was a big test of determination along with physical and mental endurance and it is great to see the club participating in these types of events.

Elaine clocked up a PB of (39:03) in the Terenure 5 mile on Sunday. Well done Elaine!

Susan, Layla and Mollie headed to the The Searlait Tywang Memorial Road Run. Well done to Mollie who won the kids dash race. In the 5k race Layla finished in 2nd place and was 1st female in a time of (21:30) while Susan finished in (27:57). Well done ladies!

Sunday was Junior parkrun time. Well done to Abbie, Beth, Ella, Ethan H, Harper, Libby & Maebh.

Thanks to the volunteer roster of Aimee, Donna, Gail, Gareth, Geraldine, Kevin, Philip, Tiernan & Zydrune.

Juvenile Training takes place on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.

Senior Training takes place at 7pm on Tuesday meeting at Jack Whites. If you are interested in coming down to chat or try a session then drop us a message!