Dublin City Marathon 2019

Wow what an amazing day we had at the 2019 40th Dublin City Marathon. A Marathon day is a culmination of months of training for both the body and the mind. Dedication and commitment to training, overcoming injury, balancing training and all that life has to offer has been the focus for the last few months.

The day itself was a cold early start seeing us heading off at 6.30am. There was a mix of nerves, excitement and delight that the big day had finally arrived.

30 club members ready to take on the 26.2 miles, cheer squad ready to walk the streets of Dublin cheering and family and friends dotted around the course for support. 8.45am arrived and we were off!

Congratulations to all our members, friends in Coral Runners and our fellow Wicklow athletes in super performances on the day.

Club results:
Gary Timmons 3:08 (PB)
Marc Cole 3:09 (PB)
Conor Miskelly 3:20 (PB)
John Mc Cann 3:26 (PB)
Alan Holt 3:35 (PB)
Slawek Bosy 3:45 (PB)
Peter Crooke 3:51 (1st timer)
Trish Synnott 3:55
Sharon Wheeler 3:56
Marie Sharpe 3:57 (PB)
Rose Hudson 4:14 (1st timer)
Danny Dempsey 4:14
Mick Mahon 4:17 (PB)
Fiona O’Sullivan 4:21
Anna McGowan 4:25
Kevin Groome 4:31 (PB)
Aoife Tunney 4:32
Alison Behan 4:45
Michele Geoghegan 4:45
Kathleen Forde 4:46
Ann Fitzgibbon 4:54 (1st timer)
Elaine Hughes 4:54 (PB)
Alan Plunkett 4:55 (aka the hulk)
Brenda Byrne 4:58 (1st timer)
Geraldine Weller 5:25 (1st timer)
Susan Dixon 5:36
Niamh O’Kelly 6:03
Nicola Fleming 6:03 (1st timer)
Paula Kinsella 6:03
Derek Whelan 6:12 (1st timer)

A marathon is an amazing achievement so mind the bodies this week but also enjoy the pride, glory and food that comes with completing a marathon!